JDBC API in Java

JDBC API in Java is  the API for Java to communicate with relational database. JDBC is the short form of Java DataBase Connectivity.JDBC API was introduced with JDK 1.1 .The javax.sql and java.sql packages contains the JDBC classes .The  classes in JDBC API is  responsible for all all data base transactions from a Java application .The simplified architecture is shown below.

JDBC API in Java

JDBC Block Diagram
JDBC Block Diagram

The JDBC Driver is responsible for establishing connection  with data base.The JDBC DriverManager is responsible for selecting the various drivers available for connection.The JDBC API is supporting all types of relational databases like MySQL , Oracle ,SQL Server.

In our future examples are using MySQL server  5.6 . The community edition of MySQL can be downloaded from here.

For accessing the database and to watch the data inside a database we can either use the default command line client of MySQL server or we can download and install any object browser . SQLyog is an object browser for MySQL.The community edition is available for learning purposes.We can download it from here.

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